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Quarterly Report: Whatever Happened to the DCU?

We’re now 3 months in to DC’s great “New 52” initiative. That means most of 52 new series are around the halfway mark of their first story arcs and things are just starting to get off the ground. I was incredibly excited when September finally rolled around and I got my hands on Justice League #1. However, as exciting as DC’s relaunch has been, as much as it has reinvigorated DC Comic’s brand and the comic book industry in general, I feel that the honeymoon period is waning. So far I’ve sung its praises, but in this segment I’m going to file  my complaints about the DCnU.

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What I’m Buying (You Should Too)-11/16/2011

Batman #3

Solicitation Text-As Bruce digs deeper into the mystery of the recent owl murders, he soon finds himself face to face with a shocking enemy – an enemy the Wayne family has secretly been at war with for centuries. Be there for the first shots of the war for the soul of Gotham City. Friends will become deadly enemies and secrets will be revealed – revelations that will change the Bat-family forever.

The latest Batman epic by rising star Scott Snyder continues this week. Snyder has built up Gotham City as a character in his runs on Detective Comics and Batman: Gates of Gotham. He presents Gotham as a friend and ally to Batman in his war against crime which is interesting because Gotham is often represented as a place of evil, even being represented by a demonic figure in the last issue of Stormwatch. But now it seems that Bruce doesn’t know Gotham as well as he think he does and the city may have surprises in store, for Batman and the reader. With incredible art by Greg Capullo, this is super hero comics at their finest.

Justice League #3

Solicitation Text-The superstar team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee continue to make history as they unleash the amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman, who joins the battle against a bizarre threat! And the not-yet World’s Greatest Heroes need all the help they can get!

Continuing with the new origin of the Justice League, this issue promises to introduce Wonder Woman into the mix. I hope that this issue continues to momentum built up in the second issue, and that we get an appearance from a certain god of evil. (spoilers in link).

Wonder Woman #3

Solicitation Text-Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, has kept a secret from her daughter all her life – and when it’s revealed, Wonder Woman’s life will shatter like brittle clay. The only one more shocked than Diana by this revelation? Bloodthirsty Hera herself – so why is her sinister daughter, Strife, so eager for the truth to be told?

While Justice League is set to showcase Wonder Woman’s past, we pick up with her present in her title series. I’m expecting some pretty big consequences from last issue’s big reveal in regard to WW’s true father. I can’t wait to see how this new origin continues to tie into Greek mythology.

I, Vampire #3

Solicitation Text-Across the country, bodies litter the streets as the Queen of Blood builds her army. A weakened Andrew must seek the aid of an old ally, but the game of death has a new wild card who may help Andrew tip the balance of power – or decapitate him.

I’m not entirely sure if this issue is actually coming out this week, as it’s listed on DC’s website but doesn’t appear to be on Diamond’s shipping list. I hope that it is, because I can’t get enough of this incredible under dog of a book. After last issue’s slight retread of the events of the first issue I’m eager to see the story move forward. I know that Vampire fatigue is at an all time high these days, but I highly recommend giving this a shot if you aren’t already.

Crossing the Aisle-Part .1

This week saw the release of Marvel’s heavily publicized Point One, a 64 page one shot featuring some of the biggest writers and artists Marvel has to offer. This issue, consisting of six short stories and one framing story,acts as the foundation for the big Marvel stories of 2012, similar to DC’s DC Universe #0 a few years back. At $5.99, Marvel is asking its readers to put a lot of faith in this book. The problem with a book like this is that many times the stories turn into little more than glorified teasers. While there are a couple of really good stories and some great art, a lot of the stuff here falls into this camp. Check out reviews for each story after the jump. Continue reading

What I’m Buying (You Should Too)-11/09/2011

Green Lantern #3

Solicit Text-With the entire Sinestro Corps out to kill its founder, the renegade Green Lantern Sinestro finds himself in a position he’s never been in before: on the run.

Geoff Johns continues his epic Hal Jordan/Sinestro team up this week. After a slow first issue the tension and stakes picked up a lot in the second, and this issue promises to show the beginning of Hal and Sinestro’s attempt to eradicate the Sinestro Corps from Korugar. This is such a great twist on the events of the much-lauded Sinestro Corps War. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Demon Knights #3

Solicit Text-Under siege and under fire – quite literally – the hastily assembled Demon Knights find that the villagers they’re trying to protect are ready to turn on them… and that they’re locked behind embattled walls with a demon whose very touch can kill! And if the only human Etrigan gives half a damn about dies of her wounds, then Hell help anyone around him…

I found this book to be spinning its wheels a bit in its second issue. We still don’t know much about the full cast. Demon Knights hit the ground running and hasn’t taken time to breath. From the description of this issue it doesn’t sound like we’re going to get that in this issue, but hopefully we’ll see a little more character development. This still one of the most unique team books in the New 52 and I’m willing to give it some time to find its footing.

Point One #1

Solicit Text-Here are SEVEN all-new stories that set the stage for everything coming your way in 2012 from the biggest names in the comics industry. You CANNOT miss this. Catch a tease of the biggest change to the Marvel Universe in over 35 years!

Well, how is that for hyperbole and sensationalism? This over-sized one shot promises to lay the foundation for the biggest stories in Marvel comics in 2012. I’m a big fan of these types of comics when handled correctly. With seven stories by some of Marvel’s best and brightest I’m sure there’s something I’ll like out of the bunch. I’m most looking forward to  Dave Lapham and Roberto De La Torre’s Age of Apocalypse and Jeff Loeb and Ed McGuiness’ Nova. If you’re looking for a way into Marvel comics, I expect this should fit the bill nicely. Here are five teaser images released by Marvel, so see if anything catches your eye.

Crossing the Aisle-Part 2

Continuing the chronicles of my foray into Marvel comics, today I will be reviewing Uncanny X-Men #1 by Kieron Gillen. Coming off of Wolverine and the X-Men #1 I was very excited to read Uncanny #1, so excited that I read it before any of my DC books. Did the book meet my expectations? Find out after the jump! Continue reading

Power Rankings-October 2011

Another month has gone by, and we’re now two issues in on all books of the New 52. I must admit that I didn’t read every 2nd issue of the New 52, a feat that nearly killed me in September. Instead I read nearly half the books, the ones that interested me the most from the first month. This of course leads to a decrease in the number of writers and artists I’m able to examine and critique. Because of this, and due to the fact that writer and artist quality changes little from month to month, I have decided to not do rankings for writers and artists every month. However, I still have my top 10 books of the month with rationale, commentaries, and mini-reviews for each. Check out my list after the jump. Continue reading

What I’m Buying (You Should Too)-11/02/2011


Action Comics #3-Grant Morrison is doing some great things with Superman in this book. Last issue we him escape from the clutches of Lex Luthor and we saw the first hints of the story’s Big Bad. In this issue, Morrison is shedding some light on DCnU version of Krypton. Expect minor to heavy changes to the story of the last days of Krypton, illustrated by the incredible Gene Ha.


Animal Man #3-While last issue was a bit slower than the first issue I’m still in love with this series and can’t wait to find out what’s coming next. The cover seems to hint at some possible new powers for Animal Man. The possibilities are endless and writer Jeff Lemire will have me front and center as Buddy and Maxine explore the Red.


O.M.A.C #3-This off beat underdog of a book is quickly becoming one of my favorite of the new 52 books. While it’s not breaking any ground for complex story telling, it is a really fun comic. Keith Giffen has become my go to writer for funny, action packed series, like his late great run on Doom Patrol. Plus, issue #2’s last page reveal of a certain high-ranking Checkmate official, who has ties to Brother Eye, has me super excited for what’s to come. Plus, how can I ignore something that has Jack Kirby written all over it?


Swamp Thing #3-Last month’s issue of Swamp Thing hit me like a ton of bricks. Everything that didn’t click in the first issue was corrected in the second, with heavy revelations in the Swamp Thing mythos and unbelievable art by Yanick Paquette. Scott Snyder has said on Twitter that this issue is going to be the best one yet, so I’m holding him to it.


Uncanny X-Men #1-Last week I took my first step into Marvel comics with Wolverine and the X-Men. This week I’m following it up with the first issue of the relaunched Uncanny X-Men. I loved the new status quo for Wolverine and his team of mutants and how can’t wait to see how Cyclops’ side is doing. I hope that these two books can give me an interesting overview of the X-Men universe, and I’m really excited to see which side I end up liking best. Look for my impressions of this book in Crossing the Aisle-Part 2.

Crossing the Aisle-Part 1

I’ve been a fan of super heroes of all kinds for a long time. From childhood I loved Batman: The Animated Series and the Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons on Fox Kids. As I got older I fell in love with the X-Men, Spider-Man, and Superman film franchises. I even got hooked on Smallville. It wasn’t until I got to college that I started actually reading comic books. When I finally breached the daunting wall into comic-dom something interesting happened. While I had always been a fairly equal fan of DC and Marvel, I slowly became more and more a DC fanatic. Something about DC comics interested me in a way that Marvel didn’t and for the last 3 years I have become further and further entrenched in the DC camp. I’ve read a few Marvel books over the years, Civil War, Earth X, and some of Grant Morrison’s New X-Men to name a few, but it was usually at the recommendation of my friends who were avid Marvel Zombies. Recently I’ve been testing the Marvel waters on my own. I’ve started following Jonathan Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four through trades, and I’ve read Planet Hulk and the first volume of Annihilation, both of which I picked up for cheap at C2E2. This week I took the next step, and a big step for me at that; I purchased my first Marvel monthly book. Continue reading