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If I Were Stuck on a Deserted Island…Comic Books Part 1

You know the game. You’re stranded on a deserted island and you can only bring 10 of a certain item to keep you occupied for the rest of your miserable lonely life. I’ve given some thought as too what are the 10 most essential comic book stories for me, the ones I would be willing to read over and over until I die. After much thought and deliberation I have compiled the following list. Since some of these stories are ones I read as single issues rather than collected editions, I often include entire runs or long story arcs that span several collected editions as one book. Some might call foul, but unlike books or movies the dividing line in comic book stories is very subjective. It goes without saying that I would recommend these books to anyone and as such I’ll include links to the books on amazon. These are the first 5 stories I would pick, in no particular order, with the second half coming soon. Continue reading


Power Rankings-September 2011

Everyone loves rankings right? Here I’ve compiled the top 10 books, writers, and artists from the books I read in September. Each month I’ll compile these lists and compare how each book did in the month prior. This way you’ll know what books and creative teams are the ones to look out for. Be sure and sound out in the comments section! Continue reading

Switching Gears

It’s been a while since I last posted because I’m retooling the format of this blog. With the first month of the new 52 over and done, I’m going to be switching away from strictly reviewing monthly comics and including other content. I’ll still post my take on the monthly comics I read, but on a less regular basis. I’m working on a power ranking system for monthly books, top writers, and top artists, the first of which should be up this week for the month of September. I also plan on delving in to my library and reviewing/commenting on some of my favorite past comic book stories. I’m still really new at this, but I hope to build a stable following and to have a unique voice in the blogosphere. If you have any ideas or input feel free to chime in and keep coming back to Earth 53!

Reviewing the Rest-09/28/11

It seems weird, but here I am reviewing the last batch of the new 52 #1 issues. Even weirder were the different genres of books represented in this week’s releases. This was definitely the most eclectic group of books, full of niche titles and B and C list heroes. Once again I’ll be using this space to review titles that I either didn’t care for, or for good books that just don’t require a full review. This is the last week I’ll be reviewing all 52 books. Rather, I’ll keep up with the ones I found interesting. If I start hearing interesting things about other books I’ll give them a shot. So for the last time in the foreseeable future, let’s review the rest. Continue reading