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Swamp Thing vs. Animal Man

I look at the time stamp of my last post and realize that it’s been two weeks since I last posted and I feel ashamed. I’ll blame it on the awesome Flash vs. the Rogues story I’m working up (DC, call me). In honor of Halloween I’m breaking the drought of content with an all out slugfest between two Vertigo mainstays who hit it big in DC’s New 52, Swamp Thing and Animal Man. The two books/characters have been so closely tied in the build up towards Rotworld that it’s hard to consider them as separate books. However, I’m about to make myself do just that. I’ll be comparing each book’s central and supporting characters, and art direction to decide which book is the best. I will only be comparing the New 52 incarnations of the characters for the sake of this match up. Continue reading

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From NYCC: First Look at Revamped Orion and MAJOR Wonder Woman Spoilers (UPDATED)

Last week at New York Comic-Con, DC held a very innocuous little panel titled “From Concept to Panel.” The panel heavily featured Cliff Chiang and Tony Akin’s character designs from Wonder Woman. There were some great looks at characters that have appeared so far in Azzarello’s run, such as Hades and Poseidon, as well as a few we haven’t seen. Perhaps the most exciting was a look at Chiang’s designs for Orion of the New Gods, who we saw in Wonder Woman #12 and is set to join the cast in the coming months. I absolutely love how Chiang has updated the character with the knight-like helmet/visor and spacey jacket. You can check out a few of the designs below.

The panel also detailed the making of Wonder Woman #0, from script to pencils, to inks and colors, to final page. Maybe not on purpose, the script leaked some of Azzarello’s future intentions stemming from the events of said issue. There are major spoilers for issue #13 and beyond, so back away if you aren’t into that sort of thing. Continue reading

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From NYCC: Keith Giffen Returns to Cosmic Comics in “Threshold”

News of the next wave of New 52 books is slowly starting to trickle out. We’ve gotten word on Geoff John and David Finch’s Justice League of America as well as Scott Snyder and Jim Lee’s unnamed Superman project. Now we have news of a third book, Threshold, a sort of cosmic genre anthology book, similar to All-Star Western and Sword of Sorcery.

The series will spin out of Giffen’s Green Lantern: New Guardian Annual and will feature a deep-cover GL, Jediah Caul. Drawn by Tom Raney, the main feature is titled “Hunted” and will feature  concepts from various DC cosmic properties, including Green Lantern and Blue Beetle. The series will drop the main character into a “Hunger Games”-esque situation, in which he has 24 hours to prepare before bounty hunters come gunning for him. This is a popular sport in a new location in the DCU, which Giffen has named “Tenedrian Dominion.” The series will also have a back-up feature, the first of which is drawn by Scott Kolins and will feature the Orange Lantern Larfleeze.

While I initially thought this to be Kyle Rayner in a new costume, could this actually be new GL Jediah Caul?

It seems like these concepts are based on the plans Giffen had in place when he was writing Superman Annual #1. It’s likely those plans are now being incorporated into New Guardians and Threshold. Interestingly, Giffen has said that Threshold will pick up threads from the end of Blue Beetle, suggesting that the book is set for cancellation. Prior to NYCC, a tweet from Rob Liefeld suggested that Blue Beetle, Legion Lost, Frankenstein, and Grifter were next on the New 52 chopping block. While this isn’t an outright confirmation it does lend credence to the rumor.

I’m a sucker for space and sci-fi stories, and Keith Giffen’s masterful Annihilation series from Marvel proves he knows how to tell these kinds of stories. This is definitely an unexpected but pleasant surprise coming out of New York. You can check out this interview with Giffen at Newsarama for more info on Threshold.


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From NYCC: Snyder and Lemire Bring the Sci-Fi to Vertigo

At today’s Vertigo panel two of DC’s biggest newcomers, Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire, announced new creator owned projects for the company’s mature reader imprint. Interestingly enough both books as science fiction, which is a change from both writers usual genres of choice, although Lemire previous wrote a “Ultra the Multi-Alien” story in the Strange Adventures Vertigo anthology.

First up we have The Wake, a 12 issue series coming from Snyder and artist Sean Murphy. Snyder describes the series as “a horror science fiction story with post-apocalyptic elements as well. It takes place at the bottom of the ocean, featuring elements we’re in awe of. Really a claustrophobic and terrifying story that then expands and makes the whole world terrifying.” Snyder has previously worked with Murphy on an American Vampire mini-series. Speaking of American Vampire, Snyder also announced that the series would go on a one year hiatus, returning late in 2013. In the meantime, Snyder and artist Rafael Albuquerque will collaborate on some stories set in the DCU. This will give me plenty of time to finally catch up on the fantastic series.

Next we have Trillium, a 10 issue series written and drawn by Jeff Lemire. Billed as “the last love story ever told,” the series will tell the story of two characters separated by time, over 1800 years apart. CBR has a deeper look at the series, as well as an interview with Jeff Lemire, on their website. Also, Lemire will draw a story written by Geoff Johns in the upcoming Vertigo special Ghosts. If that’s not a pairing to get excited about, I don’t know what is.

Both Snyder and Lemire have been among DC’s most popular writers in the New 52, and both have had very well received creator owned projects under their belts. With big series like Scalped and Sweet Tooth wrapping up it’s good to see that there exciting new stories to be told under the Vertigo banner.

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From NYCC: Superman’s 75 Anniversary

DC’s Superman panel was held yesterday evening at New York Comic-Con. The biggest news coming out of the panel is the confirmation of a Scott Snyder written/Jim Lee drawn Superman series coming later next year. While rumor mill site Bleeding Cool has reported that the book will be called Man of Steel in conjunction with the upcoming film, but there was no official title was given. The book will be in current continuity and according to Snyder will feature long, epic stories similar to what we’ve seen in his Batman work.

Grant Morrison confirmed that he will be wrapping up his run on Action Comics in February with issue #17. The writer said that we will see the Superdoom character from issue #9 returning in issue #15. Morrison confirmed that Superman did once die in the New 52 continuity, and that several past Superman stories would be referenced in upcoming issues of Action Comics. Sholly Fisch, writer of the upcoming Action Comics Annual, said this story will feature Superman’s first exposure to Kryptonite and will depict Steel’s new direction in the New 52. Writer Andy Diggle and artist Tony Daniel talked a bit about their upcoming run, saying that the new black costume would be explained in the story coming out of H’el on Earth.

Speaking of H’el on Earth, a crossover between Superman, Supergirl, and Superboy, the event was heavily teased during the panel. The Justice League will be making appearance, with Batman, Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman appearing on several covers. The event also features Superboy prominently wearing Superman’s kryptonian armor, while Kal returns to the t-shirt/jeans look. Could this be the reason for Supe’s new suit?

With three ongoing series, two sister titles, a major crossover, and some outstanding talent attached, the Superman books are looking better than they have in years. With 2013 marking the 75th anniversary of the Man of Steel, I can only hope it will be his best year yet. Check out some artwork from the panel below, and keep checking back for more news from NYCC!

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More DC Annuals in January 2013

Next week is solicitations week for DC comics, but in light of New York Comic-Con we’re getting a sneak peek of what’s to come at the start of 2013. Earlier I predicted that, being a 5 Wednesday month, January would feature more annual issues from DC. It turns out that is most certainly the case. This batch of annuals includes lesser books from the Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern books. Join me after the jump to see what’s coming up, along with which books I’m most excited for. Continue reading

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From NYCC: Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel on Action Comics

I was really hoping to get to go to New York Comic-Con this year, but unfortunately time and money did not permit. Thankfully I have the next best thing, the internet! While the convention doesn’t actually start tomorrow, news from publishers has been rolling at everyday this week. Today, DC dropped a major reveal in the form of the creative team replacing Grant Morrison and Rags Morales on Action Comics. While it has long been rumored, DC confirmed today that writer Andy Diggle and artist Tony Daniel will be taking over the series with issue #18, which should be out in March. Here’s a look at the cover for the team’s first issue:

This is striking cover for a number of reasons, but the most eye-catching is Supe’s new suit. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this suit, those who picked up Scott Lobdell’s début on Superman #0 will recognize it from that issue’s tantalizing ending. It looks like there are some major things brewing behind the scenes in the Superman family of books. With the rumor of a Man of Steel series from Scott Snyder and Jim Lee to be announced at NYCC, is it possible we could be heading towards a Superman heyday not seen since the 90’s? Superman had a rocky start at the beginning of the New 52, but things are starting to look up (up, and away!) for the most iconic super hero of all time.

Check back all this week as I talk about more of the major announcements coming out of New York.

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Thoughts on the New 52 #0 Issues: Final Week

Finally. Last week marked the end of Zero Month and as much as I enjoyed some of the issues, it wasn’t quite the event I was hoping it would be. I’m really excited to get back into the ongoing stories, especially with things like Rotworld and Rise of the Third Army coming up this month. Anyway, here are my thoughts on a few books from week four of Zero month.

Continue reading

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