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Rumor Control: New Green Lantern Writers [UPDATED]


This morning, Bleeding Cool added a small wrinkle to the rumors reported yesterday. The site is now reporting that sources indicate Peter Tomasi, current writer of “Green Lantern Corps” and long time collaborator of Geoff Johns, will be taking over the main Green Lantern title in June. That same source reports Joshua Hale Fialkov writing both “Green Lantern Corps” and “Red Lanterns,” which stacks up against comments recently made by the writer, where he announced he would be writing two interconnected titles. No word on “New Guardians” or writers Justin Jordan, Robert Venditti, or Keith Giffen.

Tomasi’s work on GLC has left a lot to be desired of late, but his run on Vol. 2, pre-New 52, rivaled Geoff Johns’ own work in quality at times. With a strong artist (Patrick Gleason comes to mind) and the right cast of characters, Tomasi could do a very good job. Although it would be nice to get entirely new blood on the franchise, I can understand DC’s desire to leave one of the old guard in charge of the flagship title.


I’m expecting to get a lot of blogging mileage from the Green Lantern books over the coming months.

I’ve got a heavily vested interest in the Green Lantern family of books, so from the moment Geoff Johns and the rest of the crew stepped down from their posts I began to speculate on who might step into replace them. I figure we’ve got less than a month (when June solicits roll out) before DC pulls back the curtain, but Bleeding Cool is looking to beat them to it.

Coming out of the recent DC creative retreat, Bleeding Cool is reporting that the four writers coming on to the Green Lantern titles in June are Joshua Hale Fialkov, Robert Venditti, Justin Jordan, and Keith Giffen. Having four rumored writers seems to suggest that none of the current books will see cancellation, although there’s the possibility that current books could be replaced by new titles. Bleeding Cool does not attribute any writer to a particular book, and qualifies that one or more of these rumored replacements could be wrong, but that’s not going to stop me from going into full on speculation mode. Here’s what I think about these four writers, and which books they should be attached to. Continue reading

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…And Geoff Johns Takes Everyone With Him

Continuing off of this morning’s news that long time “Green Lantern” writer Geoff Johns would be stepping down from the series, it seems that all the writers of the various Green Lantern family books are leaving the titles, leaving the state of the franchise very up in the air.

In my opinion, this would be the perfect time to clean house, getting rid of the completely unnecessary “Red Lanterns,” merging “Corps” and “New Guardians” into a single book, and perhaps launching a “Tales of the Corps” style book that tells anthology style stories revolving around the various Corps. However, none of the titles are marked for cancellation, so we will probably see a major creative shuffle coming in June. It’s nearly impossible to speculate on what this new landscape will look like, but it sure is fun. I for one have always wanted a Morrison penned Lantern book, too bad he’s on his way out the door. Out of DC’s current stable of writers, I really can’t think of many writers I would trust with filling such big shoes as Johns is leaving behind. Snyder doesn’t really seem like the right fit, and Lemire is attached to far too many books as it is.

Actually, I think the person I’d like to see most on a GL book is Joshua Hale Fialkov. Let’s make that happen.

Unless we’re also talking Marvel writers. Can you just imagine a Jonathan Hickman “Green Lantern?” I know it’s impossible, but I can dream.

Check out an updated cover for “Green Lantern” #20, as well as the covers for the other Green Lantern group books below.

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Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern Comes To An End

After spending the last 9 years building a new mythology from the ground up and making the Green Lantern a truly A-list character, Geoff Johns is wrapping up his run this May with issue #20. Johns’ run on “Green Lantern” will always be special to me, as it was his ‘Sinestro Corps War’ arc that cemented my enjoyment of DC Comics and graphic story telling as a whole. I predicted Johns’ imminent departure a few months back, and made a few bolder predictions as well. Check out that post here.


Cover to “Green Lantern” #20, the last issue penned by Geoff Johns.

The issue, drawn by Doug Mankhe, will be a whopping 64 pages. Major thanks to Geoff Johns for all the time he has spent with this series, and to Mankhe for making it so darn good-looking. It’s been one of heck of a ride. Now begins the anxious waiting for the announcement of a successor. Whoever it is, I hope he or she brings the same unbridled creativity that Johns brought, along with a fresh new look at one of my favorite comic book franchises.

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Best of 2012: Best Continuing Comics

5. Uncanny X-Force


This time last year everyone was heaping praises on the recently concluded ‘Dark Angel Saga.’ This year, much was expected of Rick Remender’s little X-book that could, and while its final story-arc ‘Final Execution’ didn’t quite reach the fantastic heights of DAS, it was still one of the best books on the stand. “X-Force” took a major blow in the art department this year with the loss of both Jerome Opeña and Dean White. However, the book still featured some incredible character work from Remender, and themes that have permeated the series from the beginning were payed off brilliantly. It’s a shame that the series had to end after only two years (with a whopping 35 issues mind you, along with two point one issues) but it was definitely a brilliant ride while it lasted.

4. Wonder Woman


This book started off the year with a bit of a slow burn, but writer Brian Azzarello ended his first year of “Wonder Woman” in the biggest way he could; the return of the New Gods. From that moment on “Wonder Woman” has been going full throttle. This isn’t a book that’s afraid to get its hands dirty, and at times feels as if it would be just as at home under the Vertigo imprint as in the New 52. The gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, along with new creations, form a fantastic and quirky supporting cast, the likes of which DC’s Amazonian princess has never had.  Add in fantastic art from Cliff Chiang and Tony Akins and you have one of the best super-hero books on the stand.

3. I, Vampire


“I, Vampire” was one of the biggest surprises of the New 52 when it released last year to astounding critical acclaim. With a twisty-turny plot, an incredible cast, a tragic love story, and a complete disregard for mainstream comic story telling conventions, this is not just another throwaway vampire story. We saw lead Andrew Bennett go from heroic vampire, to mystical messiah, to villain all in a single year’s worth of stories. Guest appearances from Batman and the Justice League Dark helped round out the already fantastic cast, and Fialkov delivered the signal best portrayal of Stormwatch so far in the New 52. I can’t go without mentioning the unbelievable art of Andrea Sorrentino, who gave this book an clear visual identity while not missing a single issue. The new year sees Sorrentino leaving “I, Vampire” for “Green Arrow” with Jeff Lemire, which is a major blow. Hopefully Fialkov will continue to deliver the same caliber of story in 2013, even without the moody and atmospheric art the series is known for.

2. Journey into Mystery


Another fantastic Marvel run that ended far earlier than I would like, Journey into Mystery was a book unlike any other. The closest thing the Gaiman’s “Sandman” that Marvel has ever published, this was, at its heart, a story about stories. Told through the eyes of the lovable Kid Loki, a crazy concept that writer Keiron Gillen not only made work, but made preferable to the traditional old trickster fans have known for ages. Like “Uncanny X-Force,” JiM started the year off a bit slow but quickly picked up with crossovers between “New Mutants” and “The Mighty Thor.” The latter story, “Everything Burns,” was a fantastic culmination of the many plot threads Gillen weaved over the title’s short run, leading to a finale issue with the power of an emotional freight train. This comedy in 30 parts, tragedy in 31, will go down as one of my all-time favorite runs.

1. Green Lantern


Some might scoff, but this book still continues to wow after nearly 7 years. Geoff Johns’ “Green Lantern” may have hit a slump in the aftermath of ‘Blackest Night,’ but the New 52 has completely reinvigorated the title. This year brought revelations about the Indigo Tribe (finally!), the return of Black Hand, and a brand new Green Lantern of Earth. Simon Baz, a Lebanese American living in Dearborn, Michigan, is one of the breakout characters of the year and breath of fresh air. Of course, the book would be nothing without the work of Doug Mankhe, who managed to keep a better pace on the book than he did in 2011. His art is strangely extraterrestrial, perfect for a book about alien space cops and blue munchkins. With the rise of the third army and the coming of the First Lantern,  it’s clear that Johns still has plenty of ideas to keep these book interesting and engaging. As long as Johns keeps up this level of quality, I’ll keep coming back to see what he cooks up next.

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A Comic Book Christmas Story

Most everyone has a holiday tradition that they come back to every year, be it cooking a certain meal, using certain decorations, reading certain books, or watching certain movies. I for one can’t call it Christmas until I’ve watched “Elf,” “Christmas Vacation,” and “Home Alone,” or listened to ‘N Sync’s timeless Christmas album (I’m a child of the 90’s). However, I bet most people don’t curl up in a warm blanket with a nice Christmas themed comic, and that’s a shame as there are a lot of great ones out there. Here are a few of my favorite comics that will fill you with holiday cheer. Continue reading

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Soliciting DC Comics: March 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, having been very busy with work and my new gig doing reviews at Multiversity Comics (look for them weekly!). However, after sifting through solicitations for March, there’s a lot worth talking about and a lot to get excited for.

He Comes in Peace!


Beginning in March, Justice League of America will feature a Martian Manhunter back-up feature penned by Matt Kindt with art by Scott Clark. DC seem ready to give the man from Mars a major push after his lackluster presence in the New 52 Stormwatch. Kindt is a great writer that is slowly rising through the  ranks at DC, and this will be his highest profile gig yet. I can’t wait to see where he takes Martian Manhunter, a character that has never been handled well in the time I’ve read comics. Here’s hoping he finally gets the recognition he deserves.

From the Ashes


Much like the aftermath of ‘The Court of Owls’ storyline, the issue following ‘Death of the Family’ sees guest artists and an appearance by mysterious Snyder creation Harper Row. It doesn’t look like things are well for the Bat after the Joker is through with him, but just how bad is anyone’s guess (maybe Didio finally gets to kill Nightwing). In further interesting back-up news, issue #18 will feature art by longtime Bendis collaborator and Marvel mainstay, Alex Maleev. The main story features art by Andy Kubert, a prominent artist in Morrison’s Bat-saga. This issue looks like it will be a great post ‘Death of the Family’ read.

See the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow!


Green Lantern #18 continues the ‘Wrath of the First Lantern’ arc, which we next to nothing about at this point. However, if the cover is any indication, we’ll see some major involvement from Hal Jordan and Sinestro, who have recently taken a back seat to Simon Baz. Oh, while we’re on it, how about that amazing Gary Frank cover. Soooooooo many colors + zombies. I’ll take it in poster size.

The Return of the King


Longtime fans of Vertigo’s “Hellblazer” are pretty bummed about the book’s cancellation and subsequent replacement by the New 52’s “Constantine” #1, but I’m cautiously optimistic. Robert Vendetti is doing great work on Valiant’s “X-O Manowar” and Renato Guedes has recently really come into his own as an artist. “Justice League Dark” hasn’t really been by thing, so I hope this representation of the best conman/magician in comics is up to snuff.

Things Just Got Real


In an incredible turn of events, “Phantom Stranger” could take a major incredible upswing in quality come March. Not only is legendary writer J. M. Dematteis coming on to co-write the series with Dan Didio, but the stellar Gene Ha will be handling the art for the issue. Nothing against the book’s regular creative team, but this line-up has me extremely excited. The issue features the debut of Lady Luck, a new character teased by Geoff Johns way back before the New 52 began, who will likely play a big role in the upcoming ‘Trinity War.’

All Good Things…

ST_Cv18ANMAN_Cv18_R1In somewhat of a surprise, Scott Snyder and Yannick Paquette will be leaving “Swamp Thing” after issue #18, which acts as both an epilogue for ‘Rotworld’ and a coda for the duo’s year and half of stories. While it’s sad to see them go (I was really interested to see where Snyder would take the character post-‘Rotworld’) rumor has it that DC has snatched up a major new talent to take over the book, so there’s hope for the series. Jeff Lemire, will continue with “Animal Man,” steering Buddy into new territory. After being so closely tied to “Swamp Thing” for 18 issues, it will be nice for Lemire to get to do something different with the character. Also, how about that Jae Lee cover? Fantastic right? What would it take to get that guy on interiors A.S.A.P.?

Vertigo Still Going Strong


While some are predicting the impending doom of DC’s mature reader’s imprint, I’d argue the imprint is still produces plenty of quality material. Case in point, March’s “Time Warp” continues the series of one-off genre anthologies that began with last year’s “Strange Adventures.” The oversized issue will feature stories from a who’s who of great artists including Matt Kindt, Gail Simone, and Damon Lindelof and such artists as Jeff Lemire and Rafael Albuquerque. While these anthology issues are a little on the pricy side, the amount of content is definitely worth it. There aren’t enough great anthology books out there these days, so if you enjoy them, or you just want to support Vertigo and the creators involved, be sure to check this issue out.

Next Year’s Christmas List Starts Early

After budgeting for a month’s worth of floppy comics, I rarely have funds left over for trade paperbacks/graphic novels. Because of this, I usually just relegate them to an Amazon wishlist and hope that someone is kind enough to gift them to me. Three collected editions that are definitely worth checking out next year are Legion Worlds, The Authority Vol. 1, and Batman Noir. Legion Worlds is the sequel/companion series to Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s Legion Lost series. These writers are known for their great cosmic work, so those looking for a great Legion story should look no further. Also, how can you pass on art by artists like Oliver Coipel, Darwyn Cooke, and Steve Dillon? The Authority Vol. 1 will collect the complete 12 issue run of Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch’s groundbreaking Authority run. These are the characters you’ll find in the New 52’s Stormwatch, only way more awesome.  I already have the trades, but this is extremely tempting nonetheless. If you haven’t read this yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Finally, Batman Noir is a deluxe hardcover featuring Batman stories by the 100 Bullets team of Brian Azzarello. I’ve never read the ‘Broken City’ arc, but the ‘Flashpoint’ tie-in series and the ‘Wednesday Comics’ arc are worth the price of admission alone. A great pick for any Bat-fan in your life.

And that’s what I’m looking forward to from DC in March 2013. Check back later when I’ll go over Marvel’s solicits, and in the New Year when I do my obligatory best of 2012 list!

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Wrath of the First Lantern

With yesterday’s release of solicitations for February 2013, DC has stealthily revealed the next story in Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern epic. Following Rise of the Third Army, Wrath of the First Lantern will delve deeper into the mysterious character first introduced in Green Lantern Annual #1.  USA Today has an interview with Johns on the next arc that you can read here. Surprising, DC hasn’t made much noise about the announcement of what seems to be a crescendo in Johns’ run. Since the end of Blackest Night I’ve wondered how much longer Johns plans to stay on Green Lantern. After 8 years and over 100 total issue of shepherding the character to true A-list status (at least among comic fans), one can’t help but wonder how many more stories he has to tell. Well, I’ve stopped guessing how or when Johns is going to end his GL run, but based on the new solicits, last week’s issue of Green Lantern, and Johns own words on the Wrath of the First Lantern story, I have pretty good idea of what’s coming next.

Green Lantern is getting rebooted. Continue reading

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First Art from JLA Spin-Off Books

MTV Geek has been slowly leaking interviews with the creative teams of Green Arrow, Vibe, and Katana, as well as the first cover images. Overall, I’m a lot more excited than I was after the initial announcements. Head over to geek-news.mtv.com to check out the interviews.

Green Arrow by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino

It honestly doesn’t get much better than this. Jeff Lemire is one of the best writers in the industry and is known for crafting emotionally driven stories with down to earth characters. Who better to tap to write DC’s Emerald Archer? Add in Andrea Sorrentino, whose work on I, Vampire was some of the best art in The New 52. His dark and gritty art style is perfect for a street level hero. I’ve always though Green Arrow was a really great and underutilized character since my first introduction to him in Dark Knight Returns. I’m absolutely loving Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye series at Marvel, but I’m a DC guy at the end of the day. Here’s hoping Lemire and Sorrentino can make Green Arrow the première archer in comics.

Vibe by Andrew Kreisberg and Pete Woods

Oh, what’s that? They’re tying Vibe’s origin into the Darkseid invasion from the first Justice League arc. And Geoff Johns is co-plotting the first issue? And David Finch drew the cover? Well, you got me DC, I guess I’ll check this out. I’m a sucker for D-list super hero characters, plus this seems like it will tie in very heavily to Johns’ Justice League stuff. However, it’s going to take A LOT to get me to stick around after that first issue.

Katana by Ann Nocenti and Alex Sanchez

I’ve got to admit, this series does sound pretty cool. The New 52 version of Katana has a pretty cool hook (she claims her sword devours souls, but she could just be crazy) and a book about ninjas and samurai with mystical weapons would be totally awesome. However, based on her work in the New 52 Nocenti isn’t a name that inspires that much excitement for me, and I’m completely unfamiliar with Sanchez. There’s a lot of potential here, and I would love for this to be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Iron Fist.

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The New 52 Wave 4 Brings the JLA, Spinoffs, and Creative Shakeups

With the cancellations of G.I. Combat, Legion Lost, Grifter, Frankenstein, and Blue Beetle, it was just a matter of time before the other shoe dropped and replacement books would be announced. We already knew that Keith Giffen’s new book, Threshold, would take the place of G.I. Combat and that Justice League of America by Geoff Johns and David Finch would launch in February. Today DC has announced two more books launching in February and it seems that this wave of books is clearly centered around JLA, with two members of the new team getting their own solo series. The first is Vibe, written by the creator of the Arrow TV series, Andrew Kreisberg,  and drawn by Legion Lost artist Pete Woods. The second is Katana, written by current Catwoman and Green Arrow writer Ann Nocenti and drawn by Alex Sanchez. It’s pretty surprising that Vibe and Katana are getting solo books over a character like Martian Manhunter or even Cyborg, who is the only member of the main Justice League team without a solo book. I also wonder if the Vibe and Katana books will be actual ongoing books, as it seems like it would be better to test the waters with a miniseries. In fact, launching JLA with miniseries starring Vibe, Katana, Stargirl, and Martian Manhunter would probably be a lot of fun.

DC also announced that Justice League of America will have 52 variant covers. Each variant cover will represent one of the 50 U.S. states, as well as Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Books like Walking Dead #100 and Uncanny Avengers #1 having as many as 20 incentive variant covers, and if DC was following the model of those books then 52 variants would just be absurd. However, retailers can order any amount of each cover as they want, without having to meet incentive levels, making this a truly fun and easy variant gimmick. Who won’t want to pick up their state’s variant cover?

The biggest news isn’t a new book, but a major creative team shift. DC superstar writer Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino, the amazing artist of I, Vampire, will take over the book staring with issue #17. Green Arrow has fared poorly since the launch of the New 52, so this a great news for fans of the character. Here’s hoping this book will rival another book about a hero with a penchant for arrows that I and seemingly all of comic-dom is loving. Robin Hood-types are definitely in this year. DC hasn’t released any art work for the newly announced series, but Jeff Lemire tweeted this teaser image by Sorrentino:

Now, by my count their is still one book that needs to be announced to for February to get back to that magic 52 number DC has committed themselves too. With solicitations due next week I expect more announcements to be made as the week goes on. Keep checking back as more news surfaces about these books!

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Thoughts on the New 52 #0 Issues: Final Week

Finally. Last week marked the end of Zero Month and as much as I enjoyed some of the issues, it wasn’t quite the event I was hoping it would be. I’m really excited to get back into the ongoing stories, especially with things like Rotworld and Rise of the Third Army coming up this month. Anyway, here are my thoughts on a few books from week four of Zero month.

Continue reading

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