DC: What the 52? Week 2

I’m back with another batch of would-be surprising covers to critique. While this week’s haul doesn’t feature quite as many high-profile books, there are still some really great moments.

In my mind, a good “WTF” cover should feature something completely unexpected, a good bait and switch, or something genuinely exciting. Using that criteria, I’ll be ranking each cover on the following scale:

What??? (Bad)
Meh (Average)
o_O (Good)
What!!! (Awesome)


Batgirl #19

Ummm, since this is pretty much like any normal cover ever, I’m gonna say no.

Verdict: What???


Batman #19

Not particularly surprising, and smacking of the kind of fake out we saw in “Action Comics” last week. I do like the composition and the Batman shadow though.

Verdict: Meh

Batman and Red Robin

Batman and Robin #19

Literally no one was expecting this. Not a soul. This might have taken the cake for biggest surprise, if DC hadn’t spoiled it in a news article, as they are prone to do.

Verdict: What!!!


Constantine #2

That is one terrifying incarnation of the Spectre. Considering the character’s sole New 52 appearances have been in the lackluster “Phantom Stranger,” it’s good to see him interacting with the rest of the DCU.

Verdict: o_O


Deathstroke #19

Bugh, I just can’t care.

Verdict: What???

Demon Knights

Demon Knights #19

I haven’t been keeping up with this book, so I don’t know anything of the prophecy the cover speaks, and therefore my view on this reveal may be a little uninformed. Let’s just settle on average.

Verdict: Meh

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps #19

GLC has been teasing the return of Mogo for a while, so this is hardly a surprise. Also, First Lantern fake outs we’ve become accustomed to may mean this is one big fake out anyway.

Verdict: Meh


Ravagers #19

I’m not a fan of the Lobell-ized “Young Justice” section of the DCU, but I love that they’re reintroducing elements from “Doom Patrol.” Now, if we can just get a “Doom Patrol” book in the New 52, hopefully not written by Scott Lobdell.

Verdict: o_O

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squand #19

A great reveal featuring a character no one ever expected to see again.

Verdict: o_O


Superboy #19

Whatever you want to say about Scott Lobdell’s writing skill (or lack thereof), the guy definitely knows how to make waves. Taken at face value, this is a major change for the entire Superman family.

Verdict: What!!!

Team 7

Team 7 #7

Guys, I’ve got “Trinity War” fever, so any appearance by Pandora is huge to me. Add in the New 52 debut of Mr. Majestic and this bomb is positively nuclear.

Verdict: What!!!


Threshold #5

Not quite sure how this will mesh with Morrison’s take on the character in “Action Comics,” but the appearance of Brainiac in “Threshold” is a brilliant surprise.

Verdict: o_O

And there you have it. Not too terribly much to get excited about, but here are my top 3 picks of the week:

1. Batman and Red Robin
2. Team 7
3. Superboy

Check back here next week for round 3, with titles like “Justice League,” “Vibe,” and “Wonder Woman!”


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