Rumor Control: New Green Lantern Writers [UPDATED]


This morning, Bleeding Cool added a small wrinkle to the rumors reported yesterday. The site is now reporting that sources indicate Peter Tomasi, current writer of “Green Lantern Corps” and long time collaborator of Geoff Johns, will be taking over the main Green Lantern title in June. That same source reports Joshua Hale Fialkov writing both “Green Lantern Corps” and “Red Lanterns,” which stacks up against comments recently made by the writer, where he announced he would be writing two interconnected titles. No word on “New Guardians” or writers Justin Jordan, Robert Venditti, or Keith Giffen.

Tomasi’s work on GLC has left a lot to be desired of late, but his run on Vol. 2, pre-New 52, rivaled Geoff Johns’ own work in quality at times. With a strong artist (Patrick Gleason comes to mind) and the right cast of characters, Tomasi could do a very good job. Although it would be nice to get entirely new blood on the franchise, I can understand DC’s desire to leave one of the old guard in charge of the flagship title.


I’m expecting to get a lot of blogging mileage from the Green Lantern books over the coming months.

I’ve got a heavily vested interest in the Green Lantern family of books, so from the moment Geoff Johns and the rest of the crew stepped down from their posts I began to speculate on who might step into replace them. I figure we’ve got less than a month (when June solicits roll out) before DC pulls back the curtain, but Bleeding Cool is looking to beat them to it.

Coming out of the recent DC creative retreat, Bleeding Cool is reporting that the four writers coming on to the Green Lantern titles in June are Joshua Hale Fialkov, Robert Venditti, Justin Jordan, and Keith Giffen. Having four rumored writers seems to suggest that none of the current books will see cancellation, although there’s the possibility that current books could be replaced by new titles. Bleeding Cool does not attribute any writer to a particular book, and qualifies that one or more of these rumored replacements could be wrong, but that’s not going to stop me from going into full on speculation mode. Here’s what I think about these four writers, and which books they should be attached to.

Joshua Hale Fialkov

Fialkov was my number one pick to take over “Green Lantern” when Geoff Johns’ departure was first announced. Fialkov has proven himself a more than capable writer over in “I, Vampire,” and has stretched his cosmic muscles in the critically acclaimed “Last of the Greats.” Fialkov has stated that he has something big coming up after “I, Vampire” wraps, and I can’t think of anything bigger than following up on John’s incredible run. It’s also likely that he could be heading up “Green Lantern Corps,” as he has proven that he can handle a large ensemble cast, or even “Red Lanterns,” due to his penchant for horror. Whatever book he ends up on is sure to warrant at least a first issue try out. If he were to take over “Green Lantern,” I would hope that he would keep the book more Earth-based, like Johns’ earlier issues in the run. To keep things grounded, I would attach artist Andy Kubert. Kubert’s style is perfect for big super hero action, and he hasn’t done regular art since “Flashpoint.” Just check out his recent covers for “Green Lantern Corps” and tell me he isn’t a great fit.

Most Likely to Write: Green Lantern
Dream Artist: Andy Kubert
Alternate: Red Lanterns

Robert Venditti

I don’t know how I overlooked Venditti when I was thinking about “Green Lantern” replacements. This is the guy who is doing great things in Valiant’s “X-O Manowar,” a book that has a lot in common with Green Lantern to begin with. It really is a match made in heaven. Venditti could just as easily take over the flagship GL title, although his lack of name recognition will hinder his chances. Venditti would be a great fit on any of the books, but the one I’d like to see him on the most is “Green Lantern: New Guardians.” I’d like to see Venditti take this book into more of a “Tales of the Corps” type anthology, telling stories involving the various Corps of the emotional spectrum. With him, I would bring in artist Yanick Paquette, who has no new projects announced following his departure from “Swamp Thing.” Paquette has proven that he can draw some weird and trippy stuff, which would look fantastic with the broad color palette “New Guardians” is known for.

Most Likely to Write: Green Lantern: New Guardians
Dream Artist: Yanick Paquette
Alternate: Green Lantern

Justin Jordan

Justin Jordan hit it big with his violent and gory “Strange Talent of Luther Strode” and its follow-up “Legend of Luther Strode” over at Image. Since then, DC has handed him the keys to several of their grittier properties, like “Team 7” and “Deathstroke.” With that kind of track record, I think it’s obvious that Jordan is the perfect person to finally realize the potential of a book like “Red Lanterns.” If Jordan can apply his “Luther Strode” strange talents to that most maligned of Green Lantern books, then I might actually start buying it again. Is it too much to hope that he would bring artist Tradd Moore along with him?

Most Likely to Write: Red Lanterns
Dream Artist: Tradd Moore
Alternate: Green Lantern Corps

Keith Giffen

Obviously, there’s only one title left to assign, and that’s “Green Lantern Corps.” Giffen actually wrote an issue of New Guardians recently, last month’s Annual, although that issue was more of a lead in to his new book “Threshold” and was…less than satisfying. Still, Giffen has made a huge name for himself in the cosmic arena over the years with critically acclaimed runs on “Legion of Super Heroes” and “Annihilation.” Plus, Giffen has years of experience writing Guy Gardner, assuming he’s still featured in this book. Giffen would be a great fit on GLC, depending on which version of himself shows up. Also, if you’re going to have Giffen writing a book, you might as well let him draw it as well…

Most Likely to Write: Green Lantern Corps
Dream Artist: Keith Giffen
Alternate: Green Lantern: New Guardians

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