More Exciting Announcements for DC’s February Books

Earlier this week DC announced Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino would become the new creative team for Green Arrow starting in February with #17. This was awesome news for as I really like the character, but haven’t enjoyed the Green Arrow book since the launch of the New 52. Today, Comic Book Resources is reporting a few more exciting announcements regarding DC’s February books. Again, they have piqued my interest for books that I want to like, but to this point haven’t.

First up is the news that Keith Giffen will be taking over the art duties on Paul Levitz’s Legion of Super Heroes. Giffen’s name is as synonymous to the Legion as Levitz’s, as the pairing of the two led to the classic “Great Darkness Saga.” I absolutely loved Giffen’s pencils on O.M.A.C., though I’m not sure if the Kirby look fits as well with the Legion as it did here. Mostly, I’m hoping that Giffen’s creative input will make the book a more engaging and enjoyable read. I really liked Levitz’s work on the Legion volume leading up to the New 52, but the tail end of that run and the New 52 volume have been very boring in my opinion. Hopefully the chemistry between Levitz and Giffen will lead to the kind of epic stories expected from the Legion.

Giffen returns to the Legion of Super Heroes with issue #17 and brings a Jack Kirby flair.

The second announcement is regarding Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato’s Flash book. The duo has revealed that Issue #17 will feature the first appearance of the Reverse Flash in the New 52. If you’ll recall, it was the machinations of the Eobard Thawne incarnation of the Reverse Flash that led to the Flashpoint event that in turn led to the New 52. While Manapul and Buccellato have said that this will be a completely new incarnation of the character, with a completely new look and motives, the implications of the return of the Reverse Flash are very exciting. After the character’s appearance in #17, Manapul will take a two issue break from the Flash, returning in issue #20 to kick of the Reverse Flash story in full. The co-writers are being extremely secretive about the new villain’s identity. It’s been a long time since there’s been a good mystery in my super hero comics, so I really hope they play this for all it’s worth. Could this finally be the return of Wally West, as a villain?! The possibilities are endless! I really enjoyed the first arc of The Flash, especially the art. However, I ended up dropping the book due to monetary restraints. This news, plus the awesome looking recent Rogues stories, are definitely tempting me to revisit the book.

Hot off the heels of their “Gorilla War” arc, Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato bring the Reverse Flash into the New 52 in The Flash #17

With three new series and three awesome new directions for existing New 52 books, February looks like it will be a very exciting month for DC comics readers. I especially can’t wait for the release of solicits next week to see what else they might have in store. Keep checking back here for more exciting comic news!

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