From NYCC: First Look at Revamped Orion and MAJOR Wonder Woman Spoilers (UPDATED)

Last week at New York Comic-Con, DC held a very innocuous little panel titled “From Concept to Panel.” The panel heavily featured Cliff Chiang and Tony Akin’s character designs from Wonder Woman. There were some great looks at characters that have appeared so far in Azzarello’s run, such as Hades and Poseidon, as well as a few we haven’t seen. Perhaps the most exciting was a look at Chiang’s designs for Orion of the New Gods, who we saw in Wonder Woman #12 and is set to join the cast in the coming months. I absolutely love how Chiang has updated the character with the knight-like helmet/visor and spacey jacket. You can check out a few of the designs below.

The panel also detailed the making of Wonder Woman #0, from script to pencils, to inks and colors, to final page. Maybe not on purpose, the script leaked some of Azzarello’s future intentions stemming from the events of said issue. There are major spoilers for issue #13 and beyond, so back away if you aren’t into that sort of thing.

Still here? Ok, if you’ve read Wonder Woman #0 (and if you haven’t you should, as well as the 12 issues that came before, this is truly one of the best comics out there) then you now know that Wonder Woman was trained by Ares, the Greek god of war. At the end of the story, the two have a falling out due to WW sparing the life of a foe, just has Ares spared WW’s life earlier in the issue. Now it seems that Wonder Woman and Ares will face off again in issue #13, but this time WW won’t be so merciful. Wonder Woman as the new god of War? That would definitely put her at odds with Orion, the literal NEW GOD of War.  It really writes itself. You can check out the script excerpt yourself below. Wonder Woman #13 is out in print and digitally on Comixology this Wednesday.


Well, after reading issue #13, it turns out that Wonder Woman doesn’t kill Ares, or even see him for that matter. I still fully expect this to happen later down the line. Also no appearance of Orion, but we did see a lot of the gods together, another of Diana’s demigod siblings, and the mysterious “First Born” who eats people’s heads. Overall an outstanding beginning to the book’s second year, just not what I was expecting.

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