From NYCC: Keith Giffen Returns to Cosmic Comics in “Threshold”

News of the next wave of New 52 books is slowly starting to trickle out. We’ve gotten word on Geoff John and David Finch’s Justice League of America as well as Scott Snyder and Jim Lee’s unnamed Superman project. Now we have news of a third book, Threshold, a sort of cosmic genre anthology book, similar to All-Star Western and Sword of Sorcery.

The series will spin out of Giffen’s Green Lantern: New Guardian Annual and will feature a deep-cover GL, Jediah Caul. Drawn by Tom Raney, the main feature is titled “Hunted” and will feature  concepts from various DC cosmic properties, including Green Lantern and Blue Beetle. The series will drop the main character into a “Hunger Games”-esque situation, in which he has 24 hours to prepare before bounty hunters come gunning for him. This is a popular sport in a new location in the DCU, which Giffen has named “Tenedrian Dominion.” The series will also have a back-up feature, the first of which is drawn by Scott Kolins and will feature the Orange Lantern Larfleeze.

While I initially thought this to be Kyle Rayner in a new costume, could this actually be new GL Jediah Caul?

It seems like these concepts are based on the plans Giffen had in place when he was writing Superman Annual #1. It’s likely those plans are now being incorporated into New Guardians and Threshold. Interestingly, Giffen has said that Threshold will pick up threads from the end of Blue Beetle, suggesting that the book is set for cancellation. Prior to NYCC, a tweet from Rob Liefeld suggested that Blue Beetle, Legion Lost, Frankenstein, and Grifter were next on the New 52 chopping block. While this isn’t an outright confirmation it does lend credence to the rumor.

I’m a sucker for space and sci-fi stories, and Keith Giffen’s masterful Annihilation series from Marvel proves he knows how to tell these kinds of stories. This is definitely an unexpected but pleasant surprise coming out of New York. You can check out this interview with Giffen at Newsarama for more info on Threshold.


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