More DC Annuals in January 2013

Next week is solicitations week for DC comics, but in light of New York Comic-Con we’re getting a sneak peek of what’s to come at the start of 2013. Earlier I predicted that, being a 5 Wednesday month, January would feature more annual issues from DC. It turns out that is most certainly the case. This batch of annuals includes lesser books from the Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern books. Join me after the jump to see what’s coming up, along with which books I’m most excited for.

Superboy Annual #1
Written by Tom DeFalco

Art by Yvel Guiche

As the battle to stop H’El rages on, Superman learns the truth about just what Superboy is…But is it the whole truth?
• Rose Wilson of The Ravagers crashes back into Superboy’s life — and she’s got some dangerous new ideas about his destiny!
• And if you thought the drama between Superboy and Superman was intense … Just wait until Rose’s father enters the mix!

The Superboy Annual, hot off the heels of the reveal of Action Comics #18, is the next in a line of Superman related books with extremely intriguing covers. Here we have Superboy donning Superman’s kryptonian armor while locking lips with Rose Wilson, who is in turn clutching the cape of an unconscious Superman. This seems to go along with the cover for Superboy #15, which also depicts a Morrison-esque Superman and an armored Superboy. I keep saying that the Superman books are looking increasingly more interesting since Scott Lobdell’s entrance into the franchise and this only adds fuel to the fire. However, I’m not a big Tom DeFalco fan, so I’m not sure how much I’ll enjoy this. Also, the solicit indicates this continues the “H’el on Earth” crossover, which I was hoping would wrap up in December. The crossover sounds promising, I just hope the writers don’t stretch it out too long.

Interest Level-Intrigued

Batman and Robin Annual #1
Written by Peter Tomasi

Art by Adrian Syaf and Vincente Cifuentes

• Robin leads Batman on an unrelenting hunt across the globe for family secrets that promise to change them both forever.
• If you think you know Bruce Wayne…think again!

What is there to say about this book? The solicitation and cover are very bland and non-descriptive. There’s not a lot to get excited about here, unless you’re a big fan of Tomasi’s Batman and Robin work. I for one found the book a little pointless after Morrison left it pre-New 52. Why can’t we just get a Damian Robin solo-book? /endrant

Interest Level-None to speak of

Green Lantern Corps Annual #1
Written by Peter Tomasi
Art by ChrisCross

•“RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY” ends here!
• Thanks to the Third Army, the Guardians have shut down the Green Lantern Corps!
• Everything from the GREEN LANTERN comics from the past few months has been building to this.
• Get ready for a go-for-broke ending, which sets up the next great GREEN LANTERN event!

Much like Green Lantern Annual #1 kicked off the “Rise of the Third Army” event, the GLC Annual will bring it to a close, preparing the way for something that will likely be much bigger. John’s Green Lantern saga has gone all out in the last few months and I can’t help but wonder if he’s finally building to its conclusion. Either way, if Tomasi can match what Johns did in GL Annual, this will be a fantastic read. I just so wish that DC would put Patrick Gleason back on art for this book.

Interest Level-Must Have

Green Lantern: New Guardians #1
Written by Keith Giffen
Art by Scott Kolins
and Andrei Bressan

• By a Green Lantern — betrayed!
• A mission to recruit allies against the unstoppable Third Army goes horribly wrong when Jediah Caul, a deep-cover GL, shows his true colors!

In a surprising move we will be getting two Green Lantern related annuals this time around. The issue doesn’t feature the normal creative team of Tony Bedard and Aaron Kuder. While Kuder’s absence isn’t suprising (most annual issues have featured artists other than the main series artist), Bedards absence is a little surprising. Could this indicate he will soon leave the book? I’ll admit I haven’t been too fond of his work on the GL books overall. I’m a big fan of Keith Giffen and would love to see him contribute to the GL mythos, but after Superman Annual #1’s solicitation debacle I have to wonder if he is nothing more than a place-holder. The cover by Scott Kolins depicts Kyle Rayner in an awesome new costume. Kolins is a great artist whose work in the New 52 has been sorely missed. This should be a worthy addition to the “Rise of the Third Army” saga.

Interest Level-Must Have

Overall, I feel like this is the least impressive batch of annuals that DC has released so far. Bigger books such as Justice League, Aquaman, Earth 2, and Wonder Woman have yet to receive annuals and I’m surprised that none of these are included here. With DC basically confirming that 5 Wednesday months=annuals, we can expect the next batch in May 2013. Maybe some of those bigger series will be featured at that time.

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