From NYCC: Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel on Action Comics

I was really hoping to get to go to New York Comic-Con this year, but unfortunately time and money did not permit. Thankfully I have the next best thing, the internet! While the convention doesn’t actually start tomorrow, news from publishers has been rolling at everyday this week. Today, DC dropped a major reveal in the form of the creative team replacing Grant Morrison and Rags Morales on Action Comics. While it has long been rumored, DC confirmed today that writer Andy Diggle and artist Tony Daniel will be taking over the series with issue #18, which should be out in March. Here’s a look at the cover for the team’s first issue:

This is striking cover for a number of reasons, but the most eye-catching is Supe’s new suit. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this suit, those who picked up Scott Lobdell’s début on Superman #0 will recognize it from that issue’s tantalizing ending. It looks like there are some major things brewing behind the scenes in the Superman family of books. With the rumor of a Man of Steel series from Scott Snyder and Jim Lee to be announced at NYCC, is it possible we could be heading towards a Superman heyday not seen since the 90’s? Superman had a rocky start at the beginning of the New 52, but things are starting to look up (up, and away!) for the most iconic super hero of all time.

Check back all this week as I talk about more of the major announcements coming out of New York.

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One thought on “From NYCC: Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel on Action Comics

  1. wwayne says:

    Tony Daniel’s most recent work (on Hawkman) has been widely panned, so I’m surprised to know that he’s gonna get an A list title. The harsh criticisms about his run on Hawkman were mainly focused on his narrative choices, not on his art, so maybe DC still believes in him as a penciller. And DC is right, because I never read a comic book written by him, but his art clearly deserves an A list title. Each panel he draws is very accurated and detailed, and only 2 artists (McFarlane and Capullo) can draw cowls better than him. Which is important, when you draw Batman and Superman.

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