One Year in the Books

Today officially marks the one year anniversary of the beginning of the New 52. While this is an important milestone for DC’s grand experiment, it’s special to me because one year ago I was inspired to start this blog. Between Justice League #12, Justice League International Annual #1, Green Lantern Annual #1, and Superman Annual #1, there’s going to be a lot for me to talk about in the coming days, and a lot to look forward to in DC comics. Looking to the future, I plan to open up my focus a little bit on the blog. The first way I’ll be doing this is by opening the Power Rankings feature to books from all publishers starting in September. Earth 53 started out as just a fun way for me to express my interest in comics without driving my friends and loved ones crazy. Though I still have no idea if anyone actually reads my posts on a regular basis, I like to think that I have at least helped someone in their interest in comics over this past year. If there are any semi-regulars, I’d love to hear your opinions on the blog. Let me know what’s working and what isn’t, and if there’s anything you’re especially interested in that you would like me to discuss. Thanks to anyone who somehow stumbles across this blog, I hope you decide to stick around.



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