Soliciting Marvel Comics: October 2012

By the time October rolls around Avengers vs. X-Men will be (mostly) over and Marvel will dive headlong into their “it’s not a reboot, we’re not copying DC, this is completely new” publishing initiative “Marvel Now!”. I’ll admit I’m growing a little bored with AvX and wish the shake up would come sooner than later. Here’s some highlights of what to look for from Marvel in October.

The AvX Post Game

Avengers vs. X-Men wraps up with issue #12 in September. However, what is a good summer event comic without a tacked on aftermath book? Avengers vs. X-Men Consequences is a 5 issue weekly mini-series by Kieron Gillen that I suppose will detail the “consequences” of AvX proper. I really like Kieron Gillen a lot, but a 5 issue mini at $4 a pop on top of the previous 12 issues of AvX is a bit too much for me stomach. On the other hand, Marvel is releasing a one shot issue titled “AvX Babies” based on the Midtown Comics AvX variant by Skottie Young. I’m a huge Skottie Young fan, so I’ll definitely pick this up. A new series called A+X, written by Dan Slott and Jeph Loeb, will also start in October. The book will apparently be like AvX Versus only with everyone getting along. The cover looks cool, but other than that Marvel is a little quiet on the details.


Marvel is taking a different approach from DC when it comes to their own relaunch thingy. Instead of launching all the books in one month, Marvel will roll out the 20-odd new books weekly over the course of 5 months. So far, we know that October will bring an over-sized Point One issue, similar to the one that came before AvX, and Uncanny Avengers, a new team book made up of X-Men and Avengers characters by Rick Remender and John Cassaday. Uncanny Avengers will act as the new flagship book of the Marvel Universe, so if you’re really into Marvel I think it’s safe to say you should give it a shot. The team depicted on the cover is pretty eclectic, and I’m interested to see who else might get involved.

Casualties of War

With the Marvel Now! launch comes a cavalcade of final issues. Books that are set to end include Fantastic Four, FF, Captain America, The Mighty Thor, Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, X-Men Legacy, and the Invincible Iron Man. Obviously many of these books will not stay cancelled but will be relaunched with new creative teams and new #1’s. Several of these books were relaunched as #1’s barely a year ago, so if that kind of thing bothers you I’m sorry in advance. Just roll with it. I’ve followed both of Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four books in trades and I’m looking forward to reading the end of his amazing run. It’s also worth noting that Ed Brubaker will be wrapping up his nearly 8 year-long run on Captain America. I’ve never read it, but I’ve heard very amazing things about it, so congrats to him on the accomplishment.

Mischief, Managed

While it seems like the book itself is not getting cancelled, Kieron Gillen will be wrapping up his run on Journey into Mystery with issue #645. I’m desperately behind on the series, but I look forward to the conclusion and hope that Gillen is end the book as gracefully as he began it. I’m a little sad it has to end so soon (the whole thing kind of smacks of editorial mandate) and I wish that the last days of the book weren’t tied up in a crossover with Matt Fraction’s Thor. But alas, nothing gold can stay.

If you’ve been looking for a place to jump into Marvel, Marvel Now! is going to be the way to do it. More books are coming without specified release dates, including Avengers and New Avengers by Jonathan Hickman, and All New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis. Keep checking back for more news involving Marvel Now! and lots of other comic book related ramblings!

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