Earth Flashpoint (Or “A Story I’d Love to Read”)

Flashpoint, last year’s major event from DC Comics, was a divisive book in the fan community. It featured an extremely large number of tie-in issues (56, more than 11 times the amount of the issues in the main series). Many felt that the series was poorly paced and would have fared better as a story in the main Flash book rather than as a separate event. The (somewhat tacked on, imo) ending brought about the New 52, which in and of itself is a major point of contention among fans. I really enjoyed the main story for what it was and even enjoyed some of the tie-in issues. My biggest gripe about the Flashpoint series is, honestly, I’d like some more please. Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert, along with all the creative teams on the tie-in issues, created a unique take on the DC universe that I find more interesting than the New 52 universe in a lot of ways. There are so many potential stories left to be told in the Flashpoint universe. DC recently began dipping their toes into alternate earth stories again in James Robinson’s Earth 2, would it be so unreasonable to have a sequel, or perhaps even an ongoing series, set on the Flashpoint earth? The ending of Flashpoint was extremely vague about the fate of the Flashpoint Universe. While it was definitely in pretty bad shape, there’s definitely a chance that it could’ve lived on. I’d love to ask Geoff Johns personally, but it’s unlikely I’ll ever get that chance. For now, here are some ideas I have for some great story opportunities set in the Flashpoint earth.

Picking up the Pieces

The way I see it, the story should pick up right after the Flash left the Flashpoint universe in issue #5. With the world falling apart around them, the heroes continue to fight a losing battle. When all seems lost, Abin Sur appears as a White Lantern (from the end of the Flashpoint: GL mini) and heals the world. Pretty simple fix. This sets up a new status quo where many characters and plot lines can be explored. I have more than a few questions and ideas.

The S.H.A.Z.A.M. Kids

For me, the Shazam kids and Captain Thunder were the break out characters of Flashpoint. It was a great update to the Captain Marvel character with a dash of Captain Planet thrown in. Johns is currently reworking the Captain Marvel/Shazam concept for the New 52 in Justice League. It’s interesting that he has included the Flashpoint kids in the New 52 origin of Billy Batson, but it’s unclear what role they’ll play later down the line. I for one would love to see the Captain Thunder concept and character revisited. The end of Flashpoint saw the death of Billy Batson, so it would be really interesting to see how the kids react to the loss.

White Lantern Abin Sur and More GL Stories

As a HUGE fan of Geoff John’s GL saga, one of the coolest moments in any of the Flashpoint tie-ins was Abin Sur’s death and resurrection as a White Lantern. While it seemed like the character was set up to play a major role in the last issue of Flashpoint, the character was in fact M.I.A. WHERE DID HE GO? I would love to find out what happened to the character after the end of his miniseries and to see more stories. The potential for a Flashpoint: Blackest Night where Abin goes into space and fights against Nekron would be awesome. Also, if Abin was the savior of the Flashpoint earth as I mentioned earlier, it is very likely he’d be viewed as messiah by many. The story of Abin dealing with this new-found adoration would be extremely interesting. Would he disregard it, or use it to unite the entire world and be its ruler? I’d also like to see who might replace Abin as GL as Hal Jordan and John Stewart died toward the end of Flashpoint. We saw Guy Gardener in the World of Flashpoint mini, but perhaps we could get an entirely new character.

Dick Grayson as Dr. Fate/Deadman Team-Up

I loved the ending the Deadman and the Flying Graysons mini where Dick Grayson, the original Robin, takes up the mantle of Dr. Fate. I would love to see a continuation of that miniseries with Dick and Deadman teaming up to investigate all kinds of supernatural cases. Mix in some of the characters from Secret Seven (if there were actually any left alive, don’t recall) and you would have a Flashpoint Justice League Dark. Which leads me too my next point…

Justice League of Flashpoint (The JLF if You Will)

As I mentioned earlier, the end of Flashpoint was pretty vague about the fates of many of the characters involved. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that if anyone survived, it was Superman. When you have a Superman, you’re probably going to have a Justice League. The Superman of Flashpoint was a completely different character than the Superman we know and love. It would be great to explore his character a little more and see just how different or similar he is to the traditional Superman. The Flashpoint universe had a lot of great characters for a unique JL. Assuming they all survived, Cyborg, Lady Britannia, Emperor Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Sandman, Element Woman, Captain Thunder, Frankenstein, Grifter, the various Female Furies members, even the Canterbury Cricket would all make great JL-ers. I’m pretty sure that the Flashpoint Batman died, but it would be great to see someone like Tim Drake come along and pick up the mantle of Batman.

There are so many more questions to be asked. How would Aquaman and Wonder Woman react to a world devastated by their own hands due to the manipulations of those closest to them? How would Geo-Force react to the unwilling part he was forced to play? What happened to Shade the Changing Man? What’s up with the Outsider? Marvel has gone back and revisited the popular “Age of Apocalypse”, a story that Flashpoint shares many similarities with, and each time they flesh out the world a little more. I would love to see DC do something similar. If anyone at DC is listening out there, that is.

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