Soliciting Marvel Comics: September 2012

As I did with DC’s solicitations on Monday, today I’ll be examining Marvel’s September solicits. Avengers vs. X-Men, arguably Marvel’s biggest event since Civil War, wraps up and September and with it comes a bevy and tie-ins and rumors of what is to come. Rumor mill site Bleeding Cool has been posting rumored and speculated creative changes to Marvel’s major books all day. So far the list looks something like:

Granted these are all rumors, but the fact that many of these creators are known for working together, plus other factors detailed by Bleeding Cool lend a strong hint of legitimacy. With such a major game of musical chairs and at the creation of at least one new title, one may be left wonder were some of the second and third string stories are going to land. Oh well, off of my tangent and on to Marvel’s September solicits, which can be seen in full here.

The Final Battle

Avengers vs X-Men wraps up with two over-sized issues. Expect some huge ramifications for the entire Marvel Universe (Though probably not as big as those of Flashpoint. I doubt Marvel is going to go the relaunch route, but you never know…). Oh, and how about that variant cover for issue #12 by Jerome Opena (see right)? I mentioned Opena in my favorite artists of 2011 for his work on Uncanny X-Force, a place I have sorely missed him in. He’s mostly been doing covers lately, but if any of those above rumors are true we may be seeing him on a very high-profile book, very soon. It’s also nice to see the new Nova, introduced by Jeph Loeb in Point One and last seen in AvX Infinites #1 by Mark Waid, taking center stage on the cover. I’m really interested in learning more about him and finding out his role in all of this.

Tie-Ins Galore

Man, no one knows how to over saturate a major event with tie-ins like Marvel. Also, they sure do love double shipping their books, a trend I am getting very, very, VERY tired of. This last month of AvX features a grand total of 7 tie-ins, not as many as previous months but still quite a bit. I haven’t been reading either of the Avengers books or AvX Vs. AvX kind of killed Uncanny X-Men for me (that and Greg Land’s art), but I may check back up on it later. Wolverine and the X-Men is the only book I’ve been reading and it has remained strong even through the crossover. I’d like to mention that it seems a little odd that the major plot point of an issue of the Avengers that is acting as a tie-in to the last issues of a major event is whether Hawkeye and Spider-Woman’s blossoming romance can survive the event. Just saying.

Journey into Mystery (The Companion Book for the Ages)

By the time September rolls around Journey into Mystery will have been involved in one major event and two crossovers since it was re-branded from Thor at issue #622. The first 10 issues were Fear Itself tie-ins, followed by 2 single issue stories and a 4 issue arc, then  2 issues crossing over with New Mutants, then a 3 issue arc, and now 4 issues crossing over with The Mighty Thor. Through it all writer Kieron Gillen has managed to make the book his own and tell an amazing tale of Kid Loki, one of the best new characters in years. I’ve spoken before about the seemingly short hand Gillen gets dealt at Marvel, but I respect his ability to (almost) always make the best of it. Let’s just hope this latest crossover, Everything Burns, is more Gillen than Fraction.

Francesco Francavilla (drool…..)

Oh man. New Francesco Francavilla interior art. Two issues in one month even! It’s too good! But it is on the “Captain America and…” title that hasn’t been a critical darling under writer Cullen Bunn, who writes the absolutely incredible Sixth Gun series over at Oni. This month Cap teams up with Black Widow. Neither characters interest me much at all, but I can guarantee these will be a couple of gorgeous issues.

Who’s That Big Purple Guy?

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to talk about Avengers movie spoilers by now. Many who went and saw the Avengers and stayed for the after credits scene (no not the shawarma scene) were perplexed as to who the giant, purple, wrinkly chin guy was. The two best guesses at his identity by my peers were Abin Sur and Galactus. This left me to direct everyone to the wikipedia page of Thanos, the Mad Titan. Marvel, not content to do the same is rolling out as much Thanos related material as they can. Thanos has already been revealed as the major villain of the first arc of Avengers Assembled, which looks like it might be wrapping up in September. Marvel is also releasing two giant one shots containing Thanos related material, Thanos: The Final Threat and Thanos Quest. Whether the big guy has mainstream media appeal is a question for later down the line, but Marvel is looking to make sure he gets more exposure than ever.

That wraps up my take on Marvel’s September solicits. I still have Images to go through, so keep checking back!

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