The New 52: Zero Issues and the Third Wave

Oh man I love news like this. Today DC announced that they would be releasing #0 issues for all New 52 books in September, in conjunction with the one year anniversary of the New 52. These “0” issues will act as a kind of prequel to the #1 issues released last year, providing back-story and important revelations for the New 52. If that wasn’t exciting enough, DC also announced that they would roll of the third wave of New 52 books that month as well. Similar to the second wave, these 4 books will replace under-performing titles in the New 52. DC has already announced the cancellation of Justice League International and is likely to announce the other three in the near future. Much like I did after the announcement of the second wave, I’ll give my thoughts on the new books as well as my initial interest level.

Writer-James Tynion IV
Co-Plotter-Scott Snyder
Artist-Guillem March

Spinning out of Scott Snyder’s critically acclaimed Court of the Owls storyline we have Talon, a new ongoing story written by Snyder collaborator James Tynion IV. The basic premise is that a newly recruited Talon escapes the Court of Owls and makes a run for his life. This one was a big surprise to me. My initial reaction was “Gee, do we really need another Batman related book?”. After seeing the promo art for the character though, I’m kind of excited. This is a book that could go either way for me but I could see Tynion telling some really cool Nightwing-esque stories, with a twinge of Jason Bourne thrown in. I’m also a fan of Guillem March. I’m interested.

Interest Level: 3.5/5

Sword of Sorcery
Writer-Christy Marx
Artist-Aaron Lopresti

There’s been talk since before Flashpoint of return of the Amethyst character to the pages of DC Comics, so this wasn’t a huge surprise to me. What is very interesting is that this book will act as a sort of fantasy anthology book, much like All Star Western and G.I. Combat are for their respective genres. While I’m not very interested in the character that are to be initially featured, I do look forward to the possible stories that could be told in a book like this.

Interest Level: 2.5/5

Phantom Stranger
Writer-Dan Didio
Artist-Brent Anderson

Phantom Stranger is probably the most surprising book to come out of the third wave in my opinion, but at the same time it makes perfect sense. The character has appeared in Justice League and DC’s FCBD issue and is clearly mean to play an important role in the DCU as a member of the “Trinity of Sin”. Considering the high profile this book is likely to carry, I’m not surprised that Co-Publisher Dan Didio is in the writer’s chair. I really enjoyed O.M.A.C., but I’m not sure how much of that was because of Didio rather than co-writer Keith Giffen (I’m banking on Giffen). This book is clearly meant to be a cornerstone to the DCU, I just hope Didio is up to the task as this book has the potential to be one of the very best DC has to offer.

Interest Level: 5/5

Team 7
Writer-Justin Jordan
Artist-Jesus Merino

Another not too surprising addition to the New 52 considering recent references to the team in high profile books. Team 7 will take place right after the appearance of Superman and features a mix of Wildstorm and DC characters including Justice League handler Steve Trevor. The team is tasked with regulating the recent appearance of metahumans, especially the Justice League. I feel like this book is also being positioned to be a backbone book for the New 52 and will likely fill in more the 5 year gap. Justin Jordan is a newcomer to DC, but he has just finished a critically acclaimed run on his creator owned book “The Strange Talent of Luther Strode” over at Image. Other recent critical darlings such as Nathan Edmondson and Nick Spencer haven’t fared as well after making the jump to the Big 2, but I’m really hoping Jordan can pull it off. This book has the potential to be what Blackhawks should’ve been.

Interest Level: 4/5

The third wave is an extremely quirky group of books. While I would’ve loved to see a Fourth World book in the bunch, I’m really excited about the books we’re getting. These books, as well as all the of #0 issues coming in September, should act as a great starting point in DC comics if you missed out on the initial relaunch. Solicits for the #0 issues will hit on Monday, so check back as I give my two cents on those as well.

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