Green Lantern Corps #1

I absolutely loved Tomasi’s run on Green Lantern Corps. Running from the middle of the epic Sinestro Corps War till the end of the incredibly fun Blackest Night, Tomasi explored aspects of the GL universe not covered in Johns’ Green Lantern book. We got to learn more about the various lantern corps and witness some great character moments between Guy, Kyle, and some of the more obscure characters in the GLC. Then Tomasi left GLC to Tony Bedard to write Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, and neither title lived up to those earlier stories. Now we see Tomasi returning to GLC with Emerald Warrior partner Fernando Pasarin and with Guy Gardner teaming with John Stewart rather than Kyle Rayner. The result? An apparent return to form for the series.
The book begins with a brutal attack on the two GL’s of sector 3599. This scene is intensely ominous and gets the issue running with a bang. We then have a brief interlude where Guy and John attempt to find ways to have a civilian life away from being a Green Lantern, but find that being a GL doesn’t leave room for much else. This is an interesting play on what is happening over in Johns’ Green Lantern where Hal, who has in recent times forsaken his civilian life for his responsibilities as GL, is forced back into everyday life. The two return to Oa, which after the events of War of the Green Lanterns is no longer a shining sitting but a rocky desolate place much closer to what was seen in the Green Lantern film. This is where Pasarin kicks it into high gear. I was never a big fan of Pasarin’s art in Emerald Warriors, but I love his depictions of all the alien members of the corps. It’s nice to see Isamot Kol, a creation from Tomasi’s original run (his name is Tomasi spelled backwards) return to the forefront, along with fan favorites like Hannu and a few underused charcters. While there isn’t a lot of forward plot movement, the final scene shows the immense scope of the villains the team will be facing and has me excited for what will come next. This is definitely a book I’ll be following.
Rating: 8.5/10

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