Batman #1

When the relaunch was first announced I was sad to hear that Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc. would not be among the initial relaunch. I’ve been following Morrison’s run since R.I.P. and I’ve loved every bit of it. To me this kind of seemed like Morrison’s Batman story was being pushed aside, and I didn’t know how anyone could top his 6 years in the making Bat-masterpiece. This was all before I read Scott Snyder’s run on Detective Comics. The run has already been called this generation’s “The Long Halloween” and I would totally agree. Now Snyder is tackling the flagship batbook, switching from Dick Grayson to Bruce Wayne. Even with this transition the book feels like a direct continuation to Snyder’s Detective Comics, and this is a very very good thing.

The book starts off with Batman quelling a break out in Arkham, featuring an apparent team up with the Joker. While this isn’t exactly what it seems, it’s still a great fight scene, masterfully drawn by artist Greg Capullo. This is a dense comic, with a lot of strong dialogue, character moments, and images. There are just so many parts that I loved, the scene with Bruce and Robins past and present, Bruce’s speech, the crime scene, and the wonderful cliffhanger ending that I can’t wait to follow up on. As I mentioned earlier, Greg Capullo knocks it out of the park on this issue. His style is a little cartoonish, but the dark and gritty coloring balances it out in a way that matches the tone of this book perfectly.

This is THE batbook to be following in the new 52. Snyder is DC’s greatest rising star, and with Batman he is crafting the stories that will be talked about 10 years down the line in the same breath as Batman: Year One. With the recent announcement that Batman Inc. and the quality of this book, Batman fans are going to have a lot to look forward to this fall.

Rating: 9.2/10


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