DCnU Week 3

Well this past week was really hectic. It took me a lot longer to get all my reviews out for one good reason, I got engaged to my wonderful girlfriend of over 4 years! I’m so happy and excited about our future. But now it’s time to get back to business. Here are the books I’m most excited about in Week 3 of the DCnU.

Batman #1-This is THE Batbook to get in my opinion. Scott Snyder has just come off of a historic run on Detective Comics and the Batman: Gates of Gotham mini, and I cannot wait to see what he has in store. Also, from what I’ve seen so far, Greg Capullo’s art is incredible.

DCU Presents #1-I really like the idea of anthology books. This one in particular starts out with a Deadman story, a character I’ve come to enjoy a lot through books like Wednesday Comics and Brightest Day. I don’t have any experience with Paul Jenkins writing, but I’d like to give this one shot.

Green Lantern Corps #1-After a less than stellar run on Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors I’m really excited to see Peter Tomasi returning to GLC. Now Guy Gardener and John Stewart are taking the lead roles in the book, which is the only pairing of the earth GL’s I haven’t seen much of. I’m hoping that Tomasi wraps up some lingering threads from EW, like Zardor and Sodam Yat. Here’s hoping this volume of GLC is of the same calibre as Tomasi’s last run on the title.

Legion of Super Heroes #1-Like I mentioned in my review for Legion Lost, I’m a big fan of the Legion. It’s a huge team book set in the 31st century, where xenophobia runs rampant. In this way it’s a lot like DC’s answer to the X-Men. While Legion Lost feels more like a side story, this book is picking up right where Paul Levitz left off in the last volume of LoSH and in Adventure Comics. The last volume started out really strong, but it suffered from severe decompression later on and was forced to rush the ending of its ongoing story in time for the relaunch (at least it seemed like it to me). Also, I don’t feel like the large cast was used in the best way, I’d personally like to see more stories dealing with small groups of characters. I’m hoping this volume won’t fall into the same traps that the last did. Oh and one more thing, more Starman!!!


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