Welcome to Earth-53

I started this blog for a few reasons. I wanted a creative outlet, a place to talk about the things that bounce around in my head all day. But mostly, I wanted to share my interest in comic books. A lot of my non-comic reading friends say things like “I want to read comics, but I just don’t know where to start”. Up till now all I’ve been able to do is recommend a few graphic novels or trades. I remember how intimidating it is to try to jump into monthly series with no background. At least until now…

I’ve been reading comics for about 3 years now. I started out reading Marvel and DC in fairly equal shares, but quickly settled firmly in the camp of the Distinguished Competition. Since then I’ve gained a decent knowledge of the rich history of the DCU, from Golden Age to present day. To say I was a little perplexed and skeptical when I first learned of DC’s plans to relaunch their entire line with fresh continuity and new #1’s would be an understatement. What does all this mean? What happens to past continuity? Is this going to last or be another footnote in DC’s publishing history? As more and more information leaked out my fears began to subside. DC has brought in an incredible amount of talent to usher in a new age of DC comics, one comparable to the era brought on by Crisis on Infinite Earths, but also different in a lot of exciting ways. Now that we’re starting to see the first fruits of this venture, I couldn’t be more excited. The new 52 initiative is the perfect jumping on point for new readers, and it’s an exciting change of pace for those of us who have been reading for a while.

I know every DC blogger and their brother will be doing this, but it is my goal to read and review all 52 #1 issues, and from there I will figure out my final pull list. I’ll also post some lists of my favorite stories I’ve read in the past, and tell why I enjoy them so much. And occasionally something non-comic related will likely pop up as well. I hope whoever reads this will find my reviews informative and insightful, and if I can get just one other person interested in comics then I will have done my job. Welcome to Earth-53.


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